HondaVAC Commercials Showcase Industry-First Feature

2014 Odyssey HondaVAC Ads

Implemented in the 2014 Honda Odyssey, the HondaVAC is an industry-first feature. It works just like it sounds. It’s an in-car vacuum system located in a back storage compartment which makes it much more convenient to clean up after the kids. Gone are the days of putting 50 cents into those sticky-hosed vacuums at the car wash. The HondaVac is even capable of running for a period of eight minutes when the engine is off. As this is a feature that can only be found in the 2014 Honda Odyssey, the manufacturer is really pushing out the advertisements for it. We don’t have a problem with that because most of the 2014 Odyssey HondaVAC ads are pretty entertaining.

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After 40 Years of Airbags Honda’s are Among the Safest

Honda Airbag System


Side-curtain airbags have been included in every row of every Honda vehicle since 2008.

It has been 40 years since the first car with a passenger airbag became available for sale to the public. It was the 1973 Oldsmobile Toronado that got the safety feature now standard in just about every vehicle imaginable. In the last 40 years, vehicle airbags have really taken on quite a transformation. We’re sure that you’re award of the driver and passenger airbags, but you may not know how many other airbags your car is loaded up with. There are even airbags for passengers in the back of many vehicles now. Honda is one manufacturer that has spent additional time on perfecting their airbags. Let’s take a closer look at the Honda Airbag System. Continue reading

Need parts for your Honda? Go with what works

Genuine Honda Parts

Genuine Honda Parts

What part do you need?

Whether your Honda is in need of new parts to run or you want to update it, one thing is for sure – you want to use genuine Honda parts when you do it. And the best way to go about this is to go through someone who knows a thing or two about Honda parts. We are going to go ahead and volunteer ourselves as the aforementioned experts on genuine Honda parts. Continue reading

An in-vehicle vacuum? Yes, Honda is making this a reality

HondaVAC Odyssey

Vacuuming made easy with the new HondaVAC.

HondaVAC on the new Odyssey

Just when you think you’ve heard it all in terms of vehicle accessories and components, something new comes along to change your way of thinking. This is true with the HondaVAC on the new Odyssey. This is exactly what it sounds like – an actual vacuum that will come equipped on the new 2014 Honda Odyssey. Talk about filling a need that you wouldn’t have thought of. Continue reading

Benson Honda Offers Five Tips for a Happy Doggy Road Trip

Travelling with dogs

Following these tips can result in a relaxing trip with you and your dog.

At Benson Honda, we love to take road trips, it sort of goes with the territory of being car type people. Packing up the family and going on an over-the-road adventure is quite literally as American as baseball and apple pie. The ever increasing trend in families of all kinds today is the increasing number of dogs that are family members, and none of us want to leave a family member behind. Travelling with your dog will certainly present a unique set of challenges, but nothing you can’t overcome with the help of these simple tips we have compiled for you. Continue reading

Customize your car with the coolest gadgets on the market

Best gadgets for your car

Best gadgets for your car

The Drivemocion light gets your point across.

Being able to outfit your car with your own flavor is part of what makes owning a car so fun. Personal style is easily reflected in a vehicle. And if you really want to get into it, there are a ton of cool gadgets that you can buy for your car. Here at Benson Honda, we’ve compiled a list of the best gadgets for your car on the market. Why not outfit your Honda car in San Antonio with some cool gadgets to make it your own? Continue reading