Brake Pad Replacement Coupon in San Antonio and More Coupons!

brake pad replacement coupon san antonio

Can you believe spring is almost here? Neither can we! If you want to prep your vehicle for the spring and hot summer to come, we encourage you to consider taking advantage of some of our current service coupons. Benson Honda is offering a number of gems right now that can save you on critical services for your vehicle. Here are some of the coupons you can currently use at our service center:

Brake Pad Replacement Coupon

Replace your car’s brake pads for just $139.95 with this coupon! We’ll swap out your old ones with Honda Genuine brake pads to ensure your vehicle stops efficiently whenever you need it to. This coupon is posted above in this blog post, or you can print it off from our specials page!

All-Wheel Alignment Coupon

Improve the way your car handles and make your tires last longer with an all-wheel alignment for just $69.95 with the valid coupon from our website. This service includes an inspection of your suspension, steering linkage, and steering pack preload.

Welcome Home Coupon

At Benson Honda, we want you to feel at home at our dealership and at our service center. Our Welcome Home coupon is a way of offering you some hospitality. With this coupon, you’ll get a lube, oil, and filter change, a complimentary alignment diagnostic check, and a car wash all for just $24.95!

Windshield Wiper Coupon

Has it been a while since you changed out your windshield wiper blades? Now’s a great time to get some new ones at Benson Honda! With our current coupon, you can get some new, Honda Genuine wiper inserts for $14.95.

These are just a handful of the current coupons we’re offering. Check out our other ones and print yours off today!

6 Winter Tips from Your San Antonio Honda Service Center

winter car tips San Antonio

We’re pretty lucky to benefit from relatively mild winters here in San Antonio. Still, it’s a good idea to take a few steps to properly prep your vehicle for the coldest season. Here are six winter tips from Benson Honda to help you set you and your vehicle up for a stress-free winter on the road:

1. Put together an emergency kit.

If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to stock your vehicle with a flashlight, some drinking water, a first aid kit, and jumper cables. These items can be useful during any season.

2. Change out your wiper blades.

If you know it’s been a couple of years and they’re worn down, change them out. This is an inexpensive way to save you some trouble when rain, snow, and ice try to get in your way on the road.

3. Test out your heating system.

Turn on your car’s heat and see how long it takes to warm up the vehicle. Oh, and test out your defogging/defrosting system too. If your heating system doesn’t seem to be in good working order, consider getting it fixed up.

4. Switch out your car’s weak battery.

If you’ve had your car’s battery for over four years, it’s probably a good idea to switch it out. Likewise, if you’ve had battery issues recently, or if your vehicle makes hesitation sounds when you start it up, you should consider getting a new battery. Freezing temperatures can be tough on a battery that’s already weak.

5. Take a good look at your tires.

Is their tread worn down? Do they look a little deflated? Figure out whether you need new tires now before you get in a tricky situation on an icy road.

6. Think about a wheel alignment.

If you notice the way your vehicle handles is a little off, or if you notice your car naturally veers to one side if you’re not careful, you may want to look into a wheel alignment. If your vehicle’s wheels are properly aligned, it’ll perform a lot more responsively on slick or icy roads.

Need some extra help with your Honda to help prepare it for winter? Schedule a service appointment with us!

Fall Honda Service Specials in San Antonio

200157278-001You have five days to save big on select maintenance services for your Honda at Benson Honda in San Antonio! Right now, we’re offering a few coupons that could help you do your bank account a favor while helping you prepare your Honda for its daily travels over the next several months. These coupons all expire on 9/30. So, we hope you’ll take advantage of them soon! Here’s a brief overview of the service specials we’re offering now:

Back-to-School Special

This special is ideal if your car needs quite a bit of work done. Essentially, with this coupon, the more you spend at our service center, the more you save. If you spend between $50 and $100, we’ll take $15 off your final bill. If you spend between $101 and $250, you’ll save $25. And if you spend over $251, we’ll knock off $50.

Timing Belt Replacement Special

A worn out timing built is one of the worst things for your engine. Unfortunately, timing belt replacements can be pretty pricey. However, if you get your timing belt replaced at Benson Honda before the end of the month, you’ll save $100 with this special.

Brake Service Special

Are your brakes acting up or making noise? We’ll get them back in good, working order for you with our brake service, which includes brake pad replacement, rotor resurfacing, and topping off of brake fluid. Oh, and did we mention you can save $25 on this service until the end of the month?

Maintenance Service Special

Need a deluxe oil change that includes a new genuine Honda oil filter, new drain plug gasket, and a tire balance and rotation? Consider taking advantage of our maintenance service special, which offers all of these things for just $49.95.

Ready to save with one of these specials? Print off your service coupons from Benson Honda! If you can’t take advantage of these specials before the end of the month, don’t worry. Check our service coupons page often. We’re always adding new coupons!

Benson Honda Makes it Easy to Get Auto Service in San Antonio


This Google Map shows just about all of the car dealerships in San Antonio.

Auto Repair Service in San Antonio

Search for San Antonio car dealerships online and you will come up with no shortage of finds. The picture on the right reveals a Google Map of many of the car dealerships in the area. So, with all of the available options, you may be wondering why you should choose Benson Honda for your Auto Repair Service in San Antonio. Well, we have more than just a couple of reasons.

First of all, our service team is filled with auto service experts who specialize in a variety of different automotive fields. Our massive team of specialists is just one reason that utilizing the services at a larger dealership such as Benson Honda can prove to be beneficial. For example, we have two technicians who specialize exclusively in tinting. Therefore, if you’re looking for car window tinting in San Antonio, Benson Honda is the place to go. Continue reading

Routine Maintenance Made Easy at Benson Honda

Oil Change San Antonio


Our oil changes are quick, yet efficient at Benson Honda.

When it comes to routine maintenance on your car, there is nothing more important than an oil change. Oddly enough, it’s also one of the easiest tasks to complete. However, if you’ve been taking your car to the corner auto shop, you may feel like the task is much more difficult than it actually is as it takes the shop a couple of hours to finish your car. You also have to call throughout the day to check on the status of your car. That just doesn’t seem right to us.

If you’re tired of playing the waiting game with auto shops, consider making the switch to Benson Honda. Many residents have turned to our superior auto service and repair team for their oil change in San Antonio. Continue reading

Benson Honda Extends Services to Surrounding Cities

Honda Dealer near Victoria, TX


Benson Honda offers a variety of services to San Antonio and all surrounding cities.

If you live in San Antonio, you already know that Benson Honda offers the most trusted service in Texas.  If you live outside the city, however, don’t worry. We have some great news for you. Benson Honda services all cities in Texas. That’s right. If you’re looking for a Honda dealer near Victoria, TX, we have exactly what you need here. Whether you’re looking for a new or used car in Victoria, TX, or you need to service your current car, our professional staff has got you covered. Continue reading

Do-it-yourself oil changes could go by the wayside

Oil change deals in San Antonio

Oil change deals in San Antonio

Where does the used motor oil go?

The satisfaction that people get from changing their own oil is a great thing. But if the continued disregard of where to go with used oil continues, we could see this American tradition outlawed. According to recent numbers, almost 40% of the pollution found in the lakes and rivers of America is due to dumping of used motor oil in gutters, sewers, fields and other areas. This compounded pollution problem could potentially lead to the end of do-it-yourself oil changes as we know it. Continue reading