Crossovers in San Antonio TX: 2016 Honda Fit vs. 2016 Chevy Sonic

There are so many crossovers in San Antonio and so little time! How can you choose a car without knowing which one is the best fit for you? No fear, Benson Honda is your go-to car research dealership. We are giving you all of the details on two rival crossovers in San Antonio, TX: the 2016 Honda Fit and the 2016 Chevy Sonic. Let’s find out which is the better choice!


The Fit and the Sonic have similar top safety ratings, which is great because generally subcompact cars aren’t known for their safety. They both received a 5-star rating for the NHTSA front crash test for the driver and passenger and 5-stars for the Front and Rear seats of the NHTSA side impact test. However similar they may be, The Fit has Active Head Restraints, which protect the driver and front passenger from whiplash. The Sonic doesn’t offer this protection. This proves helpful because in the NHTSA test, the Fit’s neck compression was almost 30 pounds less force than the Sonic.


The Fit’s warranty is better than the Sonic’s, with unlimited amount of miles versus the Sonic’s 100,000-mile cap. J.D. Power and Associates have ranked Honda as a company for 5th in reliability, and Chevrolet is ranked 9th, because it has 7 more problems per 100 vehicles than Honda does. Better rank, less problems!

Fuel Economy & Transmission

According to the EPA test cycle, the Fit has better fuel mileage than the Sonic. The Fit gets an average of 29 MPG in the city and 37 on the highway*, while the Sonic only gets 26 MPG in the city and 35 on the highway*. You could be saving money and the environment in the Fit! A part of the efficient engine could be credited to the Fit’s transmission, which offers continuously variable transmission meaning it takes no “steps” between gears to help keep the engine at max efficiency!


As far as cargo and passenger space go, the Fit has the Chevy Sonic in Waco beat. The Fit has a total of 5.1 cubic feet more passenger volume than the Sonic. Long trip ahead in the near future? The Fit’s rear seats recline for passenger comfort and to allow more room for storage. With the rear seat folded, the Fit has 52.7 feet of cargo space while the Sonic only has 47.7 cubic feet.

So, now when you’re looking at crossovers in San Antonio TX, you’ll know that the 2016 Honda Fit undoubtedly outshines the 2016 Chevy sonic in space, fuel economy, reliability, safety and more! Be a smart car shopper – test-drive the new Honda Fit at Benson Honda today!

2015 Kia Soul vs. 2016 Honda Fit in San Antonio


Exploring your options for subcompact cars in San Antonio? There are several different car brands to choose from, which only means one thing – you need to do your research. At Benson Honda, we understand that research can be even more time consuming than the entire car-buying process, so we’ve done the hard work for you! Today we’re doing a side-by-side comparison of two rival subcompact cars: the 2016 Kia Soul and the 2016 Honda Fit in San Antonio!

2016 Honda Fit

  • Daytime Running Lights for added visibility even during daylight
  • Active Head Restraints protect the driver and front passenger during rear-end collisions
  • 5-star rating for both driver and passenger in the NHTSA front crash test
  • Unlimited mileage on the 5-year corrosion warranty
  • Engine at maximum efficiency level with its optional continuously variable transmission
  • Reclining rear seats for optimal comfort during long drives
  • Navigation plus real-time traffic updates to get you to your destination the quickest way possible
  • Standard automatic headlight on/off feature
  • Resell value of 46% to 49% after 5 years
  • Won 5 Kiplinger awards and honored with the recognition of “Best Overall Value” by Intellichoice
  • Earned a California Ultra-Low-Emission Vehicle emissions rating*
  • Engine start/stop button
  • Eco Assist is standard on every Fit with a CVT to let you know how efficiently you’re driving
  • Steering wheel-mounted controls so you have the power to make phone calls, select or change music and more in your car at your fingertips

2015 Kia Soul

  • 5-star rating for the driver and 4 –star rating for the passenger in the NHTSA front crash test
  • 100,000 mile limitation on the 5-year corrosion warranty
  • Navigation system, but real-time traffic updates are at an additional cost
  • Automatic headlight on/off feature available at an extra cost
  • Resell value of only 33% to 36% after five years
  • 2 Kiplinger awards, no award from Intellichoice

There you have it, folks! Looks like the 2016 Honda Fit in San Antonio is unmatched in this rivalry. It’s pretty on paper, but it’s even more perfect in person! Come see it today at Benson Honda and one of our helpful associates will be glad you get you in the driver’s seat.


How the 2016 Honda Fit Beats the 2015 Kia Rio in San Antonio

So, you’re checking out subcompact car options and have found a few great contenders. With so many options, how do you choose? Firstly, you decide what features are important to you, but secondly, you need to compare the vehicles you’re considering side-by-side. Benson Honda wants to make your life a little easier so we’ve done all the in-depth research for you! Today we’re comparing the 2016 Honda Fit and the 2015 Kia Rio in San Antonio and will tell you why the Fit is the better option of the two!

Honda Fit in San Antonio

  • Active Head Restraints to prevent whiplash occurring during a collision
  • Blind spot mirrors with wide-angle convex mirrors attached
  • Overall 5-star NHTSA crash safety test
  • 5-star rating for both driver and passenger in the NHTSA crash test
  • Overall “Acceptable” rating in the IIHS 40 MPH small overlap frontal offset crash test
  • Easy access to be serviced as there are 61% more Honda dealers than Kia dealers nationwide
  • Offers continuously variable transmission which keeps that engine at the most efficient speed for fuel economy
  • Standard brake assist system to detect emergency braking situations
  • 7 cubic feet of passenger volume
  • Reclining rear seats
  • With rear seat folded, the Fit has 52.7 feet of cargo space
  • Standard remote vehicle starting system
  • Standard power windows
  • Standard Bluetooth wireless
  • 5 “Kiplinger” Awards
  • Recognized by Intellichoice as “Best Overall Value”

Kia Rio in San Antonio

  • 4-stars overall in the NHTSA crash test
  • 4-star rating for both driver and passenger in the NHTSA crash test
  • Received an overall “Marginal” rating in the IIHS 40 MPH small overlap frontal offset crash test
  • 4 cubic feet of passenger volume
  • No reclining rear seats
  • 1 “Kiplinger” Award
  • Not recognized by Intellichoice

With better safety ratings, more passenger and cargo space and recognized for more awards, the 2016 Honda Fit beats the 2015 Kia Rio in San Antonio by a landslide! Stop in for a test drive today to test out one of the all-new Fit models at Benson Honda, we’d be more than happy to get you in the driver’s seat.

2016 Ford Explorer vs. 2016 Honda Pilot in San Antonio

If you found yourself here because you’re interested in learning more about the 2016 Honda Pilot in San Antonio, then you’re in luck! At Benson Honda, we love the 2016 Honda Pilot and want to show you how it compares to similar cars in its class, like the 2016 Ford Explorer.

Let’s start with the obvious logistics. The Pilot is more efficient than the Explorer, weighing 400-550 pounds less and 3.8 inches shorter. It’s easier to handle, maneuver and park in those tight, front spot parking spaces that you’d miss out on if you were driving an Explorer! The Pilot holds 8 people, while the Explorer only carries 7. No more taking two cars out to dinner or even on a road trip. However, if you don’t need the third row seat, that’s okay because the Pilot’s cargo capacity is larger than the Explorers by over 10 cubic ft.! No more borrowing your uncle’s truck, you can fit what ever you need in the back of your Pilot. With the second and third row seats down, you have an entire 109 cubic feet of cargo space. Do you frequently tow things? The Pilot can handle 1500 more pounds than the Explorer can, so you don’t have to worry about who’s going to tow the boat on the lake this holiday!

On top of those incredible Honda Pilot qualities and specs, you receive several extras that the Explorer doesn’t offer. These extras include a multi-angle rear view camera, Forward Collision Warning that automatically applies the breaks at full-force (something the Explorer doesn’t offer), the option for a 9-speed automatic transmission, Bluetooth streaming audio, a USB audio interface and HondaLink! The Explorer offers Bluetooth, Sirius XM at an additional cost, and MyFord Touch, which is similar to HondaLink, but less user-friendly.

The choice seems simple to us, and we hope it’s simple to you, too! You’ll get so much more in your brand new 2016 Honda Pilot in San Antonio than you could ever get in the 2016 Ford Explorer. Stop by Benson Honda today or shop our new inventory online! See you soon!

2015 Fit in San Antonio: 5-Star Safety Rating

2015 Fit San Antonio

Benson Honda is here with some very exciting news about the 2015 Honda Fit! The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) just finished fully testing the new Fit in their rigorous series of crash measures, and the Fit passed with flying colors! In fact, the NHTSA gave the new Honda Fit an overall safety rating of 5 stars. This is the top score given by the government testing administration, and it’s quite an honor for the Fit!

Because of their small bodies, it’s hard for subcompact cars to ace crash tests. The Fit, however, goes above and beyond with its next-generation Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure. It did exceptionally well in front and side-impact crash tests administered by the NHTSA.

The 2015 Honda Fit is also an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) Top Safety Pick. In order to receive this title, the Fit had to perform well in a number of rigorous safety measures. The IIHS and the NHTSA are the two major safety-testing organizations in the U.S.

The Fit’s comprehensive suite of safety features also gives it a distinctive edge in terms of safety. Things like a standard rearview camera, motion-adaptive electric power steering, hill start assist, blind spot mirrors, and available Honda LaneWatch set the Fit apart from the competition.

Interested in a subcompact car that stands out from the pack as a safety leader, that’s earned prestigious accolades from both the NHTSA and the IIHS? Consider the 2015 Honda Fit at Benson Honda! Let us know if you want to test drive a Fit soon! We’re ready to hand over the keys!

New Subcompact Car in San Antonio: The 2015 Honda Fit

2015 Fit at Benson Honda

The anticipation is finally over! The 2015 Honda Fit has arrived to Benson Honda in San Antonio, and the new little car has all the bells and whistles we expected! It’s definitely making a splash on our showroom floor, and we think it would look pretty nice in your driveway too. If you want to know a little bit more about what’s different about the 2015 Fit from previous Fit models before you schedule a test drive with us, here are some key updates you should know about:

-It’s safer than ever before, with a sturdier, high-tensile steel body that uses advanced compatibility engineering to improve the way it handles crashes. Plus, it even comes with a standard rearview camera!

-Bluetooth connectivity is now a standard Fit feature!

-The 2015 Fit offers available 16-inch alloy wheels and available leather-trimmed seats.

-The new Honda comes with a redesigned body that’s boxier and more aerodynamic with an updated, more eye-catching grille.

-With a more powerful, 150 horsepower, 4-cylinder engine, the new Fit feels like a force to be reckoned with on the road!

-Fit buyers can now choose between 6-speed manual transmission and continuously variable transmission, based on how much control they want on the road. Both options maximize fuel efficiency and overall performance.

-Extra passenger volume and rear legroom make the 2015 Fit a little cozier than previous models.

And these are just some of the most pertinent updates to the 2015 Fit! We hope you’ll come see the first addition to the 2015 Honda lineup at Benson Honda. There’s a lot to discover about this new car!

Honda Offers Early Look at New 2015 Honda Fit

Official 2015 Honda Fit Release Date


So far, this is the only photo Honda has released of the all-new 2015 Honda Fit.

As you are probably well aware, Honda is annoyingly secretive about their new models. Prior to their official release, it’s nearly impossible to find any confirmed information about what the new models will look like or what they will contain. For example, the manufacturer recently teased us with a sketch of the 2016 Honda Ridgeline design which is nothing but a couple of white lines. However, it seems that Honda may be coming around. The manufacturer just announced that the all-new Honda Fit will be unveiled in a little less than a month at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. There hasn’t been any word on an official 2015 Honda Fit release date, but we hope that the reveal of the new fit offers up at least a rough estimation of when it will hit the market here in the states. Continue reading