2014 Honda Insight Release Date Has Finally Arrived

2014 Honda Insight Release Date


The 2014 Honda Insight is capable of traveling 44 mpg on the highway.

It won’t be long before we add yet another new model to our inventory. The 2014 Honda Insight release date has finally arrived, and we couldn’t be more excited. With an MSRP starting at $18,725, the Insight is still the most affordable hybrid for sale in the states.Even the fully-loaded Insight EX complete with a navigation system has an MSRP less than $24,000, making it more affordable than many manufacturer’s base model hybrids.

As a hybrid, one of the biggest benefits of the 2014 Honda Insight is the fuel economy. The eight different trims all offer the same combined rating of 42 mpg.2 The Insight is capable of traveling 41 mpg in the city, however, where the hatchback really excels is the highway where it achieves 44 mpg—which is up there with hybrids that are more expensive. Continue reading

New Honda Concept Will Be Unveiled at LA Auto Show

Honda FCEV Design Concept


A sketch of the Honda FCEV Design Concept.

We are all looking forward to getting more information on the newly designed 2014 Honda Civic at the Los Angeles Auto Show, but it appears that won’t be the only information that we’ll get. Honda has announced that a conceptual design model and further details about their new Honda FCEV Design Concept will also be made unveiled at the auto show. Continue reading

Honda Makes its Mark in Autonomous Car Technology


Two Honda Fit EVs automatically return to the drop-off point.

Honda Automatic Valet Parking System

If you’ve ever been to a parking structure, you know how frustrating it can be to find a spot. You waste time slowly creeping around every corner, and when you finally land a spot on the highest level, you have to spend even more time finding the exit and getting back down to ground level. Honda is working to eliminate all of that hassle with the Honda Automatic Valet Parking System. Continue reading

The Best Battery for Your Hybrid or EV

Advantages of Lithium-Ion Batteries

These are the electric drive components of the Honda FCX Clarity. The lithium-ion battery is pictured on the left.

These are the electric drive components of the Honda FCX Clarity. The lithium-ion battery, pictured on the left, looks and works much different than a common lead acid battery.

If you’ve ever read anything about hybrids or fully electric vehicles, you’ve probably come across the term “lithium-ion battery.” If you’ve been reading the Benson Honda blog, you would know that this is the battery that serves as a power source in the majority of Honda hybrid and electric-only models. Out of the available car batteries, it’s the lithium-ion which tops the list benefit-wise, so let’s take a look at the advantages of lithium-ion batteries. Continue reading

Honda encourages efficient car buying

Honda Fit EV engine

The Honda Fit EV is ready for the fuel mileage ratings of the future.

Honda is continuing its dedication to making more efficient vehicles. And the company is also doing more to get these efficient vehicles into the hands of consumers. This can be seen by the recent move by the brand to make it even more affordable to lease a Honda Fit EV. For those that don’t know, this is the electric version of the popular Honda Fit in San Antonio. By making it more affordable, Honda is hoping to allow consumers to stretch their dollars even further. After the payments, consumers don’t have to worry about buying gasoline for the vehicle since it is all electric. Continue reading

Honda Fit interior room almost seems impossible

Honda Fit Interior Room

2013 Honda Fit cargo space

The interior space on the Fit will amaze you.

The Honda Fit has always defied the odds when it comes to the small car market. We say this because it has what we call the “circus car effect.” What we mean by this is that the car is very small and convenient overall, but has what seems like an impossible amount of room inside. So naturally, the Honda Fit interior room is among the best in the small car market. Continue reading

Don’t Be Surprised To Find Leviton Charging Stations in San Antonio Sooner or Later

Don’t Be Surprised To Find Leviton Charging Stations in San Antonio Sooner or Later

Don’t Be Surprised To Find Leviton Charging Stations in San Antonio Sooner or Later

As the go-to Honda destination in San Antonio, TX, Benson Honda likes to keep you up-to-speed with the latest information surrounding anything Honda that will be reflected at Benson Honda. The newest piece of news is regarding the future of Honda’s EVs (electric vehicles) and the charging stations that will be used for them, provided by Leviton Manufacturing Company. Continue reading