2014 Honda CR-Z Officially Available for Sale


The 2014 Honda CR-Z was rated as a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

2014 Honda CR-Z in San Antonio, TX

The wait for the next 2014 Honda model to be released is over, as the manufacturer announced that the 2014 Honda CR-Z is officially available for sale today. Now, as the sport hybrid was just made available today, it may be a little bit before we get the 2014 Honda CR-Z in San Antonio, TX, but we can assure you that it is coming. While the two-passenger hybrid was not completely redesigned, it was upgraded with a more powerful battery, increased power and some improvements in styling. The CR-Z also remains as the only hybrid which offers a manual transmission. It really adds to the sporty feel of this hybrid.

Under the hood of the CR-Z is a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine which works in tandem with a 15-kilowatt electric motor. Powering the electric motor is a 144-volt Lithium-ion battery pack. If you read out post about the advantages of Lithium-ion batteries in our blog, you would know that this is one of the best options battery-wise for a hybrid. Continue reading

Honda Releases Second 2014 Model: The CR-V

Honda CR-V in San Antonio


The 2014 Honda CR-V is the second Honda model to be released this year.

Following the release of the 2014 Odyssey, Honda has released the Honda CR-V in San Antonio. It is the second 2014 Honda model to be released so far this year. It is the fourth generation of the CR-V model, and here at Benson Honda, we don’t think it has ever looked better.

Much like Honda’s other 2014 models, the CR-V has been equipped with an ECON button and an Eco Assist feedback system which lights up to let you know how efficiently you’re driving, while you’re driving. It’s kind of like a back seat driver, except for the fact that it’s in front of you and it can’t exactly yell at you. Continue reading