Crossovers in San Antonio TX: 2016 Honda Fit vs. 2016 Chevy Sonic

There are so many crossovers in San Antonio and so little time! How can you choose a car without knowing which one is the best fit for you? No fear, Benson Honda is your go-to car research dealership. We are giving you all of the details on two rival crossovers in San Antonio, TX: the 2016 Honda Fit and the 2016 Chevy Sonic. Let’s find out which is the better choice!


The Fit and the Sonic have similar top safety ratings, which is great because generally subcompact cars aren’t known for their safety. They both received a 5-star rating for the NHTSA front crash test for the driver and passenger and 5-stars for the Front and Rear seats of the NHTSA side impact test. However similar they may be, The Fit has Active Head Restraints, which protect the driver and front passenger from whiplash. The Sonic doesn’t offer this protection. This proves helpful because in the NHTSA test, the Fit’s neck compression was almost 30 pounds less force than the Sonic.


The Fit’s warranty is better than the Sonic’s, with unlimited amount of miles versus the Sonic’s 100,000-mile cap. J.D. Power and Associates have ranked Honda as a company for 5th in reliability, and Chevrolet is ranked 9th, because it has 7 more problems per 100 vehicles than Honda does. Better rank, less problems!

Fuel Economy & Transmission

According to the EPA test cycle, the Fit has better fuel mileage than the Sonic. The Fit gets an average of 29 MPG in the city and 37 on the highway*, while the Sonic only gets 26 MPG in the city and 35 on the highway*. You could be saving money and the environment in the Fit! A part of the efficient engine could be credited to the Fit’s transmission, which offers continuously variable transmission meaning it takes no “steps” between gears to help keep the engine at max efficiency!


As far as cargo and passenger space go, the Fit has the Chevy Sonic in Waco beat. The Fit has a total of 5.1 cubic feet more passenger volume than the Sonic. Long trip ahead in the near future? The Fit’s rear seats recline for passenger comfort and to allow more room for storage. With the rear seat folded, the Fit has 52.7 feet of cargo space while the Sonic only has 47.7 cubic feet.

So, now when you’re looking at crossovers in San Antonio TX, you’ll know that the 2016 Honda Fit undoubtedly outshines the 2016 Chevy sonic in space, fuel economy, reliability, safety and more! Be a smart car shopper – test-drive the new Honda Fit at Benson Honda today!