Are You a Good Fit for the 2016 Honda Fit in San Antonio?

It’s been said that certain vehicles aren’t for everyone. Some people prefer SUVs, some people prefer sedans, and others like to ride in a truck. However, we can confidently say that 2016 Honda Fit in San Antonio defies this notion. If you like cars that are stylish, fuel-efficient and have perfect safety ratings, then the Honda Fit is for you! The 2016 Fit beats out other crossover competitors, like the 2016 Nissan Versa Note. How, you ask? Benson Honda is here to tell you how!


Firstly, the Fit has significantly better safety features than the Versa Note, that ultimately lead to better safety ratings. The Fit not only great headlights, but has Daytime Running Lights which make it more visible in the day and prevent the Fit from being unnoticed. The Fit has wide-angle convex mirrors mounted in the corner of each side mirror so you never have a blind spot. The Versa Note doesn’t offer either of these features, and that probably explains their significantly lower safety ratings. The Fit has a 5-star rating overall in the NHTSA front crash test and the Versa Note falls short with a lowly 3-star rating.


Now that we have safety covered, let’s talk about power. The 2016 Fit’s 1.5 DOHC 4 cylinder engine produces 21 more horsepower than the Versa Note (130 vs. 109 horsepower). And going from 0 MPH to 60 MPH, the Fit beats the Versa Note by 1.2 seconds plus has a 6-speed manual transmission (the Versa Note only has up to 5-speed transmission).


We could go on and on about the Fit, but let’s wrap this comparison up by listing some of the useful and fun features the Fit offers (but the Versa Note doesn’t)!

  • A remote vehicle starting system so you can start your vehicle from inside of your home.
  • A telescoping steering wheel for optimal driver comfort whether you’re short or tall.
  • Standard power windows on all Fit models (power windows are only available on the Versa Note (SV/SR/SL).
  • Standard power locks.
  • Standard automatic headlight on/off feature that turn on at dusk and off after dawn.
  • Rear heat vents so your passengers in the back seat are comfortable.



So are you a good fit for the 2016 Honda Fit in San Antonio! Benson Honda thinks you are, especially if you like safety, power and cool features on your next new vehicle. We personally invite you to take it for a spin by stopping by for a test drive! See you soon!




2016 Chevy Spark vs. 2016 Honda Fit in San Antonio TX

You’re exploring your options for a brand new vehicle, and there are lots to choose from. On top of that, the 2016 model year is a huge year for new cars, and Benson Honda has plenty in stock. The decision to buy a new car can get a little overwhelming, so we want to help you out! Today we’re going to compare two rival new cars: the 2016 Chevy Spark and the 2016 Honda Fit in San Antonio TX!

2016 Honda Fit in San Antonio

  • 6 cubic feet of cargo space with rear seat up
  • 7 cubic feet of cargo space with rear seat folded down
  • Standard front stabilizer bar to keep the Fit flat and controlled when turning corners
  • 130 horsepower
  • 6 gallons of fuel capacity
  • 6-speed manual transmission (standard)
  • 5 Kiplinger awards
  • “Best Overall Value” award by Intellichoice
  • Standard power locks on all models
  • Telescoping steering wheel
  • Standard LED brake lights
  • Security system with remote entry
  • 12-volt power outlets
  • Standard Bluetooth wireless connectivity and HandsFreeLink
  • USB Audio Interface
  • 5-inch color LCD screen (on LX)
  • 7-inch High-Res Display screen (On EX and above)

2016 Chevy Spark in San Antonio

  • 1 cubic feet of cargo space with rear seat up
  • 2 cubic feet of cargo space with rear seat folded down
  • No front stabilizer
  • 98 horsepower
  • 9 gallons of fuel capacity
  • Available manual transmission up to 5-speeds
  • No Kiplinger or Intellichoice awards
  • Power locks are only available on the Spark LT

The 2016 Honda Fit in San Antonio appears to be the best choice when it comes to choosing a new car! Go ahead, check out your Fit options on our site or come in the Benson Honda store to get behind the wheel of this fun yet practical Fit!