2016 Mini SUV in San Antonio: HR-V Update

2016 Hons HR-V San Antonio

Benson Honda has been patiently awaiting the 2016 Honda HR-V’s arrival to our dealership, and now we’re happy to announce that the wait is almost over! The HR-V will be coming sometime soon this spring. We’ll let you know as soon as it gets here. In the meantime, though, we thought we’d tie you over with some new details about the HR-V’s trim levels. Honda just announced the full details regarding this vehicle’s trims. Here’s what you should know:

– All of the new HR-V models with some awesome standard features, which include Bluetooth smartphone connectivity, alloy wheels, a Magic Seat that folds completely into the floor, 58.8 cubic feet of cargo room, a multi-angle backup camera, and hill start assist.

– The EX model, which is the second-highest trim, will offer SMS text message functionality, automatic climate control, a 7-inch audio touchscreen, heated side mirrors, fog lights, and Honda LaneWatch.

– The EX-L model, which is the most luxurious trim, will offer everything the EX model offers and also boast roof rails and Sirius XM Radio.

– The HR-V will be an overachiever in terms of looks. Its sleek angles, CR-V-like front end, and stylish hidden door handles are just some of what there is to like about it in terms of design.

Are you excited about the 2016 Honda HR-V? Get in touch with us at Benson Honda, and we’ll let you know right when this new Honda arrives to our San Antonio dealership!

Brake Pad Replacement Coupon in San Antonio and More Coupons!

brake pad replacement coupon san antonio

Can you believe spring is almost here? Neither can we! If you want to prep your vehicle for the spring and hot summer to come, we encourage you to consider taking advantage of some of our current service coupons. Benson Honda is offering a number of gems right now that can save you on critical services for your vehicle. Here are some of the coupons you can currently use at our service center:

Brake Pad Replacement Coupon

Replace your car’s brake pads for just $139.95 with this coupon! We’ll swap out your old ones with Honda Genuine brake pads to ensure your vehicle stops efficiently whenever you need it to. This coupon is posted above in this blog post, or you can print it off from our specials page!

All-Wheel Alignment Coupon

Improve the way your car handles and make your tires last longer with an all-wheel alignment for just $69.95 with the valid coupon from our website. This service includes an inspection of your suspension, steering linkage, and steering pack preload.

Welcome Home Coupon

At Benson Honda, we want you to feel at home at our dealership and at our service center. Our Welcome Home coupon is a way of offering you some hospitality. With this coupon, you’ll get a lube, oil, and filter change, a complimentary alignment diagnostic check, and a car wash all for just $24.95!

Windshield Wiper Coupon

Has it been a while since you changed out your windshield wiper blades? Now’s a great time to get some new ones at Benson Honda! With our current coupon, you can get some new, Honda Genuine wiper inserts for $14.95.

These are just a handful of the current coupons we’re offering. Check out our other ones and print yours off today!

2015 Accord vs. 2015 Legacy in San Antonio

Trying to make a decision between the 2015 Honda Accord and the 2015 Subaru Legacy? You’re in luck! Benson Honda is here to help you sort out how the two vehicles compare. Here are some major reasons to consider each option:

2015 Accord: Major Reasons to Consider

  • The Accord’s 4-cylinder and V6 engine options are more powerful than the Legacy’s.
  • Consumer Reports found that Accord (4-cylinder models) accelerate faster to high speeds than Legacy (4-cylinder models).
  • According to EPA tests and estimates, the new Accord offers better fuel economy than the new Legacy.
  • Motor Trend found that the Accord stopped much shorter from 60 mph than its Subaru competitor.
  • With a larger trunk (15.8 cubic feet vs. the Legacy’s 15 cubic feet), the Accord allows for more versatility in terms of storage.
  • Active noise generation is a major plus in the Accord, as it helps keep things quiet. The Legacy doesn’t offer this.
  • The Accord has a maintenance minder system, which helps you keep track of when you need to get your car serviced. The Legacy isn’t equipped with this system.
  • The Accord is available in a coupe body style. The Legacy isn’t.
  • With standard dual zone a/c, Accord passengers have more control over their comfort than Legacy passengers. Only some Legacy models come with dual zone a/c.

2015 Legacy: Major Reasons to Consider

  • The Legacy has standard all-wheel drive, which is a plus for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • An 18.5-gallon fuel tank means you may be able to go longer between fill-ups in the Legacy. The Accord’s fuel tank is 17.2 gallons.
  • The track between the Legacy’s wheels is slightly longer than the track between the Accord’s wheels: 62.8 inches vs. 62.7 inches. This may improve the way the Legacy handles.

At Benson Honda, we think the reasons to consider the 2015 Honda Accord are more numerous and compelling. If you like what you’ve learned about the Accord and what to learn more, please get in touch with us!