2015 Chrysler 200C vs. 2015 Honda Accord Touring in San Antonio

What happens when you compare the top trim levels of two top mid-size cars like the 2015 Honda Accord Touring and 2015 Chrysler 200C? The competition definitely gets fierce! Both the new Accord Touring and the new 200C offer the latest advanced safety, entertainment, and performance features. Luckily, there are a few things that distinguish them from each other. Here’s what Benson Honda thinks you should know about the distinct advantages offered by these two, new mid-sized vehicles:

2015 Accord Touring: Distinguishing Features

  • Ergonomic extras like standard dual zone climate control and a standard navigation aid with real-time traffic updates give the new Accord Touring an edge. The new 200C doesn’t offer dual zone climate control and only comes with an optional navigation system that can’t provide real-time traffic updates.
  • Other extra perks that come with the 2015 Honda Accord Touring include standard memory seats and a power moonroof. These features are not standard in 2015 Chrysler 200C models.
  • The new Accord Touring has a longer wheelbase than the new 200C (109.3 inches vs. 108 inches). Cars with longer wheelbases tend to handle better.
  • The new Honda’s fuel tank is a little larger than its Chrysler competitor’s: 17.2 gallons vs. 15.8 gallons.
  • With hill start assist, the new Accord Touring offers some extra support on hilly drives. The 200C doesn’t have a comparable system to enhance its performance on uphill climbs.
  • With a tighter turning radius of 38.1 feet, the Accord feels easier to maneuver than the 200C, which has a turning radius of 39.2 feet.
  • 1000 lbs. of available towing capacity also gives the Accord Touring an edge in comparison to the 200C, which doesn’t come with towing capabilities.
  • The 2015 Accord Touring’s combined fuel economy rating is 26 mpg, while the 2015 200C’s is only 22 mpg. (Based on EPA estimates. Mileage will vary. Use for comparison purposes).

2015 Chrysler 200C: Distinguishing Features

  • The 200C’s V6 engine produces a little more horsepower than the Accord Touring’s V6 engine: 295 hp vs. 278 hp.
  • All-wheel drive is available to 200C drivers. The Accord doesn’t offer all-wheel drive.
  • The new 200C offers a little more cargo volume than its Honda competitor: 16 cubic feet vs. 15.5 cubic feet.
  • With 101.4 cubic feet of passenger volume, occupants may feel a little bit more comfortable in the 200C. The Accord offers 100.8 cubic feet of passenger volume.

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