Upcoming Auto Salon Will Feature Performance-Tuned Hondas

Honda 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon Lineup


A few of the Mugen-designed vehicles that are set to be unveiled at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon.

We have hit a new year, and that’s pretty exciting not only for us as a car dealership, but for you as consumers. With every new year comes new models, and we have a feeling that 2014 will be a great year for Honda. We have only received a few glimpses of what’s to come this year, but since the Honda 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon lineup has been released, we have a good idea of what else we can expect.

It wasn’t long ago that we reported that the 2015 Honda Fit will be unveiled at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show, but it turns out that Honda’s lineup at the Tokyo Auto Salon will focus more on customized models. The 2015 Honda Fit and the new Honda Vezel have already went on sale in Japan, but rather than unveil any new production models, Honda will be showing off some performance-tuned versions of the newer models. Continue reading