Debunking Some of the Most Common Car Dealership Myths


Movies have led to a lot of the most common misconceptions about car salesmen and dealerships.

Top Myths About Buying a Car from a Dealership

Here at Benson Honda we have had a number of different customers who reluctantly come to the dealership as their “last resort” option, because they feel that car dealerships cannot be trusted. However, by the time that they leave the dealership, we don’t pressure anyone into buying a vehicle, and we ensure that all of our customers feel happy, and are confident with their decision before any lines are signed. Car dealerships get a bad reputation for some reason, but here at Benson Honda, we have customer reviews to back up our claims of trusted service. We are different from other car dealers in San Antonio, TX, and we’re going to prove that by debunking the top myths about buying a car from a dealership.

Car salesmen only want your money

So many people believe that car salesmen are deceptive, and will lie just to get you to buy the car. However, here at Benson Honda we have no reason to lie. We provide so much information on our website about the vehicles in our new car inventory, so you can do all of the research yourself. That way you can inform yourself and not have to worry about being lied to. At Benson Honda, our salesmen are focused on one thing and one thing only — ensuring that you are comfortable and confident about buying a car.

It takes hours to find a car

Once again, this goes back to our helpful website. There are a lot of dealerships that don’t include their inventory online. That means you have to walk through the entire lot to find a car that suits you. Here at Benson Honda, however, everything is available online which saves you from having to spend hours here at the dealership. We also have a credit application online, and if you fill that out before you come in, it can greatly reduce the time needed to complete all of the paperwork.


We make sure that you are happy with your car choice before any lines are signed.

You need a down payment for all purchases

This is true at many car dealerships, but here at Benson Honda, we have plenty of ways that you can get a car without throwing down a large down payment. There are always ways around that, and we can help you to determine what the best option is for you. We have financing options available on our website that we recommend you check out. We cater to a variety of credit scores and budgets, so don’t let your income or credit stop you from checking out all that we have to offer.

The moral of the story here is that there is nothing to be worried about when you’re buying a car from Benson Honda. Don’t let the top myths about buying a car from a dealership stop you from reaping all of the benefits that are involved when you utilize a top-of-the-line facility like ours. We suggest that you check out our new car inventory, and if you come across something that catches your eye — and we are sure you will — schedule a test drive or get in touch with one of our experts here at Benson Honda in San Antonio, TX.