Debunking Some of the Most Common Car Dealership Myths


Movies have led to a lot of the most common misconceptions about car salesmen and dealerships.

Top Myths About Buying a Car from a Dealership

Here at Benson Honda we have had a number of different customers who reluctantly come to the dealership as their “last resort” option, because they feel that car dealerships cannot be trusted. However, by the time that they leave the dealership, we don’t pressure anyone into buying a vehicle, and we ensure that all of our customers feel happy, and are confident with their decision before any lines are signed. Car dealerships get a bad reputation for some reason, but here at Benson Honda, we have customer reviews to back up our claims of trusted service. We are different from other car dealers in San Antonio, TX, and we’re going to prove that by debunking the top myths about buying a car from a dealership. Continue reading

New IIHS Small Overlap Front Test Explained


A total of eight Honda models were awarded one of the two coveted IIHS awards.

IIHS Top Safety Pick+ Standards

Here at Benson Honda, we spend a great deal of time discussing safety ratings on our blog. We feel that letting you know about the ratings is important because it’s reassuring to know that the vehicles you’re looking at, or have already purchased, are proven to keep you and your family safe. As we have said in recent posts, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently upped their safety standards, which means that a Top Safety Pick-rated vehicle is no longer the safest on the market. The new standards now mean that a vehicle awarded with a Top Safety Pick+ rating is the safest. So what exactly are the IIHS Top Safety Pick+ standards? Let’s take a look. Continue reading

Honda Set to Break Their Own Record at 2014 Rose Parade

Record-Breaking 274-Foot Honda Rose Parade Float


An artistic rendering of Honda’s “Keeping Dreams on Track” float.

There are a number of Honda vehicles that set records in their segment, but the record that Honda is set to break on the first day of the New Year has nothing to do with any of the vehicles in their lineup. The manufacturer is currently set to break the record for the longest Rose Parade float, a record already held by Honda. The record was set by Honda back in 2005, when their 207-foot float paraded down the streets of Pasadena, CA. That will be absolutely smashed when the record-breaking 274-foot Honda Rose Parade float hits the streets on the morning of Jan. 1. Continue reading

If Santa Traded in His Sleigh for a Honda Accord


The Honda-designed sleigh in the new commercial resembles a Honda Accord.

Honda-Designed Santa Sleigh

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, which means that Santa is just about set to head out to deliver Christmas joy to children all over the world. He is on a tight schedule to get everything delivered on time, and he has to ensure that his sleigh is prepared and his reindeer are well-rested and fed to make the trip without a hitch. This year, just to be sure that everything runs smoothly, Santa is trading in his old sleigh for something that has ensured safety and performance — a Honda-designed Santa sleigh. Continue reading

Urban SUV Production Model on its Way to the States

2015 Honda Vezel U.S. Release Date


There is currently a three month-long waiting list for the Honda Vezel in Japan.

A few months ago we revealed the design of the Honda Urban SUV concept model. As we stated back in September, a production model based on the conceptual design was to be released this year in Japan, and next year here in the states. It turns out that those estimations are true, and the production model comes in the form of the Honda Vezel, which was recently unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show last month. While the American version of the crossover SUV will receive a name change before it makes its way overseas, the good news is that we will definitely be seeing a 2015 Honda Vezel U.S. release date. Continue reading

2014 Honda Civic Expected to Achieve Top Safety Ratings


Equipped with daytime running lights, the 2014 Honda Civic even stands out in the daylight.

2014 Honda Civic Safety Features

Prior to the 2014 Honda Civic release date, we had a surge of consumers visiting our helpful and informative blog to get information on the highly anticipated model. Now that the all-new Honda Civic is available, we thought that we would give you a more in-depth look at all of its new and exciting features and capabilities. Today, we have decided to look specifically at the 2014 Honda Civic safety features.

The new Civic was just released earlier this month, so it hasn’t been subjected to the IIHS and NHTSA crash safety tests, but as the 2013 Honda Civic was one of the many vehicles to earn the highest possible Top Safety Pick+ rating, we fully expect that the 2014 model will follow suit — especially since the new model has added a couple of new features. Continue reading

Honda Earns Highest Number of Top Safety-Rated Vehicles

2014 Honda Safety Ratings


The Honda Accord Sedan was one of eight Honda models to be chosen as a Top Safety Pick+ by the IIHS.

We recently discovered some information on 2014 Honda safety ratings, and it’s great news for owners of new 2014 Honda models. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety just released a summary of their findings for 2013, and it turns out that out of all the manufacturers, Honda had the highest number of safe vehicles this year.

Out of the 39 vehicles that received Top Safety Pick+ ratings, eight of Honda’s vehicles made the list. That number includes the Acura models that made the list as Honda also owns the Acura brand. The five Honda models that made the list include the Honda Civic Coupe and Sedan, the Honda Accord Coupe and Sedan, and the Honda Odyssey. Continue reading