Glorified Honda Fit Sedan May Make its Way to America


The conceptual design for the new Honda City is basically a Honda Fit Sedan.

2015 Honda City U.S. Release Date

There is some great news for all of the Honda Fit lovers out there. A four-door variation of the popular hybrid could be making its way to America soon. Honda recently unveiled their fourth generation of the Honda City at a World Premiere event in India, and although its initial release will be limited, the manufacturer announced that the sedan will eventually make its way to 60 different markets. We’re not sure America is one of those markets, but there is definitely a good chance that we will eventually see a 2015 Honda City U.S. release date. Continue reading

Benson Honda Makes it Easy to Get Auto Service in San Antonio


This Google Map shows just about all of the car dealerships in San Antonio.

Auto Repair Service in San Antonio

Search for San Antonio car dealerships online and you will come up with no shortage of finds. The picture on the right reveals a Google Map of many of the car dealerships in the area. So, with all of the available options, you may be wondering why you should choose Benson Honda for your Auto Repair Service in San Antonio. Well, we have more than just a couple of reasons.

First of all, our service team is filled with auto service experts who specialize in a variety of different automotive fields. Our massive team of specialists is just one reason that utilizing the services at a larger dealership such as Benson Honda can prove to be beneficial. For example, we have two technicians who specialize exclusively in tinting. Therefore, if you’re looking for car window tinting in San Antonio, Benson Honda is the place to go. Continue reading

2014 Honda Accord Continues Award-Winning Streak

The Honda Accord was recently named "2014 Green Car of the Year" by Green Car Journal.

The Honda Accord was recently named “2014 Green Car of the Year” by Green Car Journal.

2014 Honda Accord Awards

Just about every manufacturer has a flagship sedan in their lineup. These are the highest-profile and often highest-performance vehicles in the lineup. As expected, their high quality most often makes the flagship sedans their most expensive, prestigious and largest vehicles. For Honda, their flagship sedan is and always has been the Honda Accord.

What separates the Accord from other flagships out there is that the sedan is able to offers superior capabilities at prices that are more than affordable. While many flagships have sticker prices upwards of $50,000, the MSRP of the Accord never exceeds $35,000—even for the high-end V-6 trim which comes loaded with every available feature. Continue reading

Honda Unveils Glorified Golf Cart: the MC-beta EV


The Honda MC-beta EV is unbelievably practical, at least when it’s not raining.

Honda MC-beta Micro-Sized EV

Honda just unveiled their newest fully-electric model, and it really makes us wish that America was more susceptible to unconventional, innovative designs. The Honda MC-beta is a micro-sized EV that looks more like a glorified golf cart, but its small size makes it unbelievably practical.

Although the exact capacity of the lithium-ion battery has not been announced, Honda has said that when it’s fully charged, the MC-beta EV is capable of traveling up to 50 miles. As the EV is so compact, it receives its power from a motor rated at 6kW which has a maximum output of 11kW. It puts the top speed of the MC-beta right around 43 mph, which is more than enough for running errands or a short commute through the city. Continue reading

Honda Finally Spills the Rest of the Info on the New Civic


The 2014 Honda Civic Coupe has been completely redesigned.

Official 2014 Honda Civic Specs

If you haven’t already heard the news, Honda has finally announced an official 2014 Honda Civic release date. Both the sedan and completely redesigned coupe will officially go on sale on Dec, 4th when the models arrive at Honda dealerships such as Benson Honda.

That means that the opportunity for you to get behind the wheel of one of America’s best-selling cars is not far away. In addition to the Civic release date, Honda has provided an extensive list of the Official 2014 Honda Civic specs—and we definitely like what we see. Continue reading

Honda Adds Three New Engines to Earth Dreams Line

2015 Honda Civic Type R U.S. Release Date


The 2015 Honda Civic Type R hits the manufacturer’s in-house track.

Unfortunately, it’s not likely that we will ever see a 2015 Honda Civic Type R U.S. release date but we’re hoping that could change before the new Civic Type R is released in European markets some time in 2015. We understand that we’re being a bit greedy, seeing as we haven’t even received the redesigned Civic coupe and sedans yet, but when you look at everything that this sporty car has to offer, you can understand where we’re coming from.

The Type R is set to be formally introduced at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show which begins this week, but Honda has released a few photos of the sporty looking car taking some laps around the manufacturer’s in-house test track. The shell of the Civic is still there, but the added modifications really separate the Type R from its more reserved counterpart. Continue reading

2014 Honda Insight Release Date Has Finally Arrived

2014 Honda Insight Release Date


The 2014 Honda Insight is capable of traveling 44 mpg on the highway.

It won’t be long before we add yet another new model to our inventory. The 2014 Honda Insight release date has finally arrived, and we couldn’t be more excited. With an MSRP starting at $18,725, the Insight is still the most affordable hybrid for sale in the states.Even the fully-loaded Insight EX complete with a navigation system has an MSRP less than $24,000, making it more affordable than many manufacturer’s base model hybrids.

As a hybrid, one of the biggest benefits of the 2014 Honda Insight is the fuel economy. The eight different trims all offer the same combined rating of 42 mpg.2 The Insight is capable of traveling 41 mpg in the city, however, where the hatchback really excels is the highway where it achieves 44 mpg—which is up there with hybrids that are more expensive. Continue reading