Google Offers Interactive Look at Honda Museum in Japan

Google Street View Honda Collection Hall


A few of the cars on the second floor of the Honda Collection Hall in Japan.

Google Street View is a great feature as it allows us to look at landmarks on the other side of the world without ever having to leave the comfort of our homes. While in the past the street view has been limited to just that—the street—Google is beginning to weasel its way into some really awesome buildings to provide an interactive view of the inside. Some of those buildings include car museums such as the Honda Collection Hall in Japan.

While it might not be as cool as seeing the cars in person, the  Google Street View of the Honda Collection Hall provides you with a look at cars you may never see otherwise. It’s also more exciting than looking at a picture as street view allows you to look at the cars from multiple angles. One of those angles is perhaps the biggest upside to the museum street view. You can get into some of the cars and check out the inside.

The museum street view began with the Lamborghini museum in Italy. There are some insanely rare vehicles in that showroom, so curators don’t let museum patrons sit in all of them. That’s where street view comes into play. Although you’re not technically sitting in the car, you can get a closer look at the interior and see all that it has to offer. After playing around in the Honda Collection Hall there doesn’t seem to be any cars that you can get in, which is a little unfortunate, but you have access to all three levels of the museum.


The first floor view shows the progression of Honda robots including the latest model, ASIMO.

On the bottom you can check out the progression of the robots which led to ASIMO, the manufacturer’s latest prototype. The second floor has the cars that you are more familiar with and the top floor holds a slew of Honda race cars. There is a lot to look at here, so check out the Google street view map and have a look around.

Although none of the cars in the Collection Hall showroom are for sale, we have a wide range of Honda models in our inventory. Unfortunately we don’t have a Google street view of our showroom so you’ll have to stop in to see everything that we have to offer. To find out more about some of the newest Honda models released be sure to check out the Benson Honda blog where we are always providing you with useful information about anything and everything Honda.