2013 Honda Fit Sport is style in a small container

2013 Honda Fit Sport

Experience the Honda Fit Sport in person!

2013 Honda Fit Sport San Antonio TX

You might be aware of the overall roominess of the Honda Fit. But something that is not probably mentioned enough is the major fun-factor of the vehicle and the impressive style it has. The Honda Fit is definitely high-style for a small car – something that consumers really appreciate here at Benson Honda. And the most stylish version of the Fit is here as well in the form of the 2013 Honda Fit Sport in San Antonio TX. Continue reading

Honda Civic LX is a technological marvel for the price range

Honda Civic LX Technology Features

2013 Honda Civic

A great car for a great price – the 2013 Honda Civic.

Honda lovers have come to expect the best from the vehicles in the Honda lineup. Surprisingly though, the company continually seems to be able to deliver the goods. Consider the new Honda Civic LX in San Antonio. This small car comes in at an affordable price – but you wouldn’t know that by looking at the standard features on it. The Honda Civic LX technology features make it a clear standout in the segment for us – and we think you’ll agree. Continue reading

Honda Crosstour – a car with convenience

2013 Honda Crosstour cargo space

The Crosstour is one versatile car.

Honda Crosstour Cargo Space

The Honda Crosstour has always been an interesting vehicle in the market. In fact, maybe unique would be the better word. Because of this, it is often chosen by a select group of individuals in the market. But what makes the Crosstour such an intriguing pick for many consumers? A big part might be the Honda Crosstour cargo space. With its sloping rear hatch design, the Crosstour is capable of carrying more cargo than many other vehicles of similar size. Continue reading

How safe is the Honda Pilot?

How Safe is the Honda Pilot?

2013 Honda Pilot

The new Honda Pilot is a very safe family ride.

Safety is obviously a main point of interest for families. The safer the vehicle, the more likely you are going to consider the vehicle as your family vehicle. A popular family ride in our lineup is the 2013 Honda Pilot in San Antonio. So that begs the question: How safe is the Honda Pilot? Let’s take a look at the safety aspects of this versatile crossover from Honda. Continue reading

An in-vehicle vacuum? Yes, Honda is making this a reality

HondaVAC Odyssey

Vacuuming made easy with the new HondaVAC.

HondaVAC on the new Odyssey

Just when you think you’ve heard it all in terms of vehicle accessories and components, something new comes along to change your way of thinking. This is true with the HondaVAC on the new Odyssey. This is exactly what it sounds like – an actual vacuum that will come equipped on the new 2014 Honda Odyssey. Talk about filling a need that you wouldn’t have thought of. Continue reading