Honda Fit interior room almost seems impossible

Honda Fit Interior Room

2013 Honda Fit cargo space

The interior space on the Fit will amaze you.

The Honda Fit has always defied the odds when it comes to the small car market. We say this because it has what we call the “circus car effect.” What we mean by this is that the car is very small and convenient overall, but has what seems like an impossible amount of room inside. So naturally, the Honda Fit interior room is among the best in the small car market. Continue reading

Honda plans to continue minivan dominance with new Odyssey

2014 Honda Odyssey

2013 Honda Odyssey

The new Honda Odyssey will keep up the tradition.

Like everyone, we look forward to the various auto shows that happen throughout the year. Being car folks here at Benson Honda, it’s always exciting to see what the next big thing in the industry might be. And more often than not, that “next big thing” seems to come right out of the Honda camp. Continue reading

Great family vehicle options are coming from Honda

2013 Honda CR-V

Check out the 2013 Honda CR-V..

Finding the vehicle that fits best for your family can be a difficult task. There are a lot of factors to consider during the process. Two outstanding vehicle options out there include the 2013 Honda CR-V and the 2013 Honda Odyssey. The CR-V and Odyssey have  been highly regarded by consumers since first appearing on the market. Continue reading

Honda Ridgeline ready for Texas-sized adventures

2013 Honda Ridgeline

The 2013 Honda Ridgeline is ready to roll.

Honda Ridgeline Versatility

When you live in Texas, having a versatile vehicle is a necessity. And if you’re the type to go off on some Texas-sized adventures, then you really need a special vehicle. For many this means the 2013 Honda Ridgeline in San Antonio. The reason is that the Honda Ridgeline versatility outmatches many competitors in the segment and just makes sense for a large portion of the population. Continue reading

Is the new Civic EX the perfect vehicle?

2013 Honda Civic EX

2013 Honda Civic EX

The 2013 Honda Civic EX

The Civic has come a long way in its history. From an admittedly cheap looking vehicle to the sleek and sporty car it is today, it’s been quite a transformation really. Now, the 2013 Honda Civic EX might just be one of the best put together cars out on the market today. We say this because the Civic EX in San Antonio is just a very well put together, capable and attractive vehicle. Basically, the 2013 Honda Civic EX just gets it. Continue reading