Benson Honda Offers Five Tips for a Happy Doggy Road Trip

Travelling with dogs

Following these tips can result in a relaxing trip with you and your dog.

At Benson Honda, we love to take road trips, it sort of goes with the territory of being car type people. Packing up the family and going on an over-the-road adventure is quite literally as American as baseball and apple pie. The ever increasing trend in families of all kinds today is the increasing number of dogs that are family members, and none of us want to leave a family member behind. Travelling with your dog will certainly present a unique set of challenges, but nothing you can’t overcome with the help of these simple tips we have compiled for you. Continue reading

Honda’s new solar partnership proves its commitment to efficiency

Honda new solar partnership

Honda and solar homes? An intriguing partnership.

We knew Honda was committed to energy efficiency. But that commitment just went to the next level with the recent announcement that the company will be partnering with SolarCity to offer customers home solar systems at a low cost. While the full financials of the deal need to be hammered out, it’s pretty obvious that it will be one of the most interesting deals we’ve seen in some time. Continue reading

2013 Honda Accord – safest midsize coupe on the market

San Antonio Honda Accord

San Antonio Honda Accord

The Accord is one safe ride.

Everyone wants a safe vehicle, right? Well, when you choose the San Antonio Honda Accord at Benson Honda, you are getting one the safest midsize vehicle on the road today. And that’s not just coming from us. The Accord recently achieved the highest overall score in crash testing done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) – the only midsize coupe to achieve this. Continue reading

Honda EV-STER continues to attract attention


The Honda concept vehicle, the EV-STER continues to turn heads at the Chicago Auto Show

Since making its world debut at the Tokyo Auto Show in 2011, the Honda EV-STER has been making itself into quite the world traveler. Most recently EV-STER has shown up at the Chicago Auto Show and is still the eye-catcher it was two years ago. You can always tell which models of vehicles people are the most interested in, because those are the ones that are separated from the crowd by some kind of barrier. While it is likely that some of the innovative features of the EV-STER will not make it into the possible production version, some already are common place. Continue reading

Social media is becoming a big presence in the automotive world

Social media in the automoitive world

The automotive world is no stranger to social media.

Social media is becoming a large part of many industries, and the automotive world isn’t exempt. Even vehicle manufacturers are getting large benefits from the social media world. Sometimes the feedback that they receive through social media is better than they get in person. It is also easy for open communication on social media to allow businesses to form a relationship with the customers. There has even been talk of the relationship getting to the point in the automotive world where satisfaction surveys could be submitted through twitter. Continue reading