Honda hits milestone for hybrid sales

Hybrid cars in San Antonio, TX

Hybrid cars in San Antonio, TX

The Honda Civic Hybrid is a popular hybrid vehicle.

Honda is definitely not a newcomer to the hybrid car game. In fact, the company was the first to sell a hybrid-electric vehicle in the United States in the form of the Honda Insight back in late 1999. Now, years later, Honda has announced that the company has sold 1 million vehicles worldwide – 318,000 of which were in the United States. We’re proud to be in those figures here at Benson Honda, as we have sold a number of hybrid cars in San Antonio, TX. Continue reading

Driverless cars becoming legal in the states

Driverless cars legal

We still love driving our own cars.

If you ever thought the car next to you wasn’t being operated by a person, you probably would have been mistaken – until now. In California, a bill has been signed into law legalizing driverless cars on the roadway. While this may not affect us in San Antonio right now, it seems like it may only be a matter of time before this happens all over. And with car companies currently working on the technology, the process is only going to speed up. Continue reading

Honda Civic LX provides outstanding overall value

2012 Honda Civic LX San Antonio, TX

2012 Honda Civic LX San Antonio, TX

The 2012 Honda Civic LX is a great value.

There is a lot of talk in the industry over what vehicles provide the best value. But how do we assess value? If it’s from introductory price alone, a part of the picture is missing. Value should be assessed over a period of time. And when that is done, it’s clear that Honda cars in San Antonio here at Benson Honda provide the best overall value. The resale value of a car like the 2012 Honda Civic LX in San Antonio, TX makes it one of the best deals on the market. Continue reading

The 2013 Honda Fit has arrived

2013 Honda Fit in San Antonio, TX

2013 Honda Fit in San Antonio, TX

The new Honda Fit is here!

We love getting new things here at Benson Honda. That’s why we are pleased to receive the 2013 Honda Fit in San Antonio, TX. The new Fit is a beacon of efficiency in the market – with an all-electric version coming soon as well. The Honda Fit in Texas has been a people pleaser for years, offering an outstanding option for city drivers and commuters alike. Continue reading

Quiet ride is brought to you by Honda innovation

Honda Active Noise CancellationMost people probably take the quiet ride provided by their vehicle for granted. But there is actually a lot that goes into the process of Active Noise Cancellation that consumers probably don’t even realize. It is just one of the many technological innovations that Honda is continually coming up with. At Benson Honda, we’re proud of our Honda cars in San Antonio that show off the latest technology from the Honda brand. Continue reading