Honda Discussing Nine-Speed Automatic Transmission

Honda Discussing Nine-Speed Automatic Transmission

Honda Discussing Nine-Speed Automatic Transmission

Benson Honda, the leading Honda dealer in San Antonio, TX, is excited to announce that Honda has recently been discussing the possibility of creating a nine-speed automatic transmission for their vehicles. This can mean only good things for Honda enthusiasts as the nine-speed automatic transmission would pay huge dividends to consumers, with respect to fuel-economy and overall efficiency.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it is believed that Honda is looking to use this new transmission by 2014. Although it’s still in discussions with Honda, Chrysler has recently confirmed that they will be equipping a nine-speed automatic transmission to a few of their next-gen vehicles.

One deterrent for many car manufacturers to make the switch to a nine-speed transmission is the size that the additional gears add, but with new technology and some innovation Honda believes that it can keep the transmission fairly compact while trading off outstanding fuel-economy.

How much exactly could a nine-speed automatic transmission improve your fuel economy? The people at Honda believe by at least 10 percent, with the potential for a near 20 percent upgrade. This could spell good things for Honda in the future as majority of their vehicles don’t feature unfavorable horsepower/torque dimensions when equipped with high-gear transmission.

Stay tuned with Benson Honda’s blog to see if this gets confirmed and a date is set for its release. Until  then, if you’re looking for fuel efficient vehicles look no further than Benson Honda, the premier San Antonio Honda dealer. With a vast selection of 2012 models that offer near best-in-class in fuel economy, you’d be missing out if you don’t take a look at what Benson Honda has to offer. Don’t delay, shop Benson Honda today!