Unique 2012 Honda Crosstour Dares to Be Bold

Benson Honda Offers Refreshing Hondas in San Antonio

Unique 2012 Honda Crosstour Dares to Be Bold

Unique 2012 Honda Crosstour Dares to Be Bold

The bold and daring 2012 Honda Crosstour is an all-new vehicle designed to fit the ever-changing needs and expectations of its driver. The athletic coupe has an atypical design with style statements that are distinctive from other vehicles in its class. With V-6 power and the ultimate in fuel efficiency, the Crosstour marries environmental consciousness with an exhilarating ride. Benson Honda is a valued Honda dealer in San Antonio, TX that has the Crosstour in stock.

The Crosstour features either a 2.4-liter i-VTEC, 192-hp engine or a 3.5-liter V-6, i-VTEC, 271-hp engine, both prime choices for optimal performance. For increased power and fuel-economy, the 3.5-liter V-6 is the best option to reach any speed efficiently. With Honda’s latest generation Variable Cylinder Management (VCM), the vehicle’s engine cylinders are activated during acceleration to save on fuel.

With an estimated 29 mpg hwy, the Crosstour is a smart vehicle that balances efficiency and performance. The automaker’s advanced technology improves the Crosstour’s power while allowing drivers to feel confident and proud of their vehicle choice.

Utility is not lost in this resourceful coupe. The vehicle’s rear tailgate offers a roomy 25.7 cu ft of cargo space. The vehicle’s rear seat folds down to reveal another 51.3 cu ft of space. Even more storage space is available under the cargo floor. A concealed, removable utilty storage bin is underneath the floor, perfect for keeping valuable possessions hidden.

The Crosstour’s interior is outfitted with several conveniences that only Honda can offer. Steering wheel-mounted controls give the driver access to music and other amenities with the touch of a button. An available Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System with Voice Recognition and Bluetooth HandsFreeLink provide a safer way for the driver to reach his or her destination and communicate with loved ones.

Benson Honda offers a full inventory of new and used Hondas in San Antonio. Check out the dealership today for more information on the 2012 Honda Crosstour.

Unmatched Service in San Antonio, TX Offered at Benson Honda

Benson Honda’s Service Department Provides Quality Maintenance

Unmatched Service in San Antonio, TX Offered at Benson Honda

Unmatched Service in San Antonio, TX Offered at Benson Honda

Cars, like their drivers, need maintenance and check-ups from time to time. At Benson Honda, a valuable Honda dealership in San Antonio, customers are not only able to purchase quality Honda vehicles but may also receive unparalleled maintenance at the dealership’s service department.

Offering an extensive range of service options and car repairs, Benson Honda’s service department is ready for any automotive challenge. From routine maintenance to more in-depth repairs, Benson Honda has drivers covered. Some of the services the dealership offers are:

-Oil Change

-Front End Alignment

-Tire Balance/Rotation/Change

-Brake Replacement/Adjustment

-Muffler / Exhaust Repair

-Coolant/Transmission Flush

-Electrical Service

-Filter Replacement

-Full Vehicle Check-Up/Inspection

-Overall Maintenance

Benson Honda strives to offer unmatched quality to its customers with superior Honda vehicles and follow-up service. The dealership also provides customers with information on factory recalls, warranty service updates and service coupons, which are available online today.

The dealership’s attentive, considerate service professionals are prepared to offer excellence in every aspect of each service performed. Premium workmanship and skills make Benson Honda the premier resource for Honda vehicles and service in San Antonio. Customers can easily schedule service appointments online using the convenient ‘Schedule Service’ form.

The inconvenience of automotive failures or mishaps ends at Benson Honda. The dealership’s experienced professionals perform services quickly and efficiently to get drivers back on the road. For prompt maintenance, Benson Honda’s service department is the place to go. The dealership provides a full Honda inventory as well as Genuine Honda Automotive Parts to complete any Honda task. Quality licensed parts are in stock and available for purchase.

For all of your Honda needs visit Benson Honda today. The dealership offers a full inventory of new and used Hondas in San Antonio, TX. For more information, check out the dealership online or on-site.

2012 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite Named One of “Smartest Family Cars” by Parenting Magazine

Benson Honda helping to keep families safe in San Antonio

2012 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite Named One of “Smartest Family Cars” by Parenting Magazine

2012 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite Named One of “Smartest Family Cars” by Parenting Magazine

The 2012 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite was recognized as one of the “Smartest Family Cars” by Parenting magazine in its February 2012 issue. The vehicle is equipped with the technology, performance and safety features that help manage modern families and balance the needs (and wants) of both the parents and the children. Benson Honda, a valued Honda dealership in San Antonio, TX, is proud to offer varieties of the 2012 Honda Odyssey Touring.

“The Odyssey was conceived as the ultimate family vehicle, and the Odyssey Touring Elite takes that concept to an unprecedented new level,” said Michael Accavitti, VP of marketing operations, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “Being listed among the ‘Smartest Family Cars’ pays tribute to the Honda R&D team in Ohio and manufacturing team in Alabama responsible for designing and building the best minivan on the road.”

With a variety of seating configurations, the Odyssey Elite can accommodate a number of family sizes. The vehicle’s 5-Star safety features strive to keep the driver’s most precious cargo safe and secure- his or her family. Features such the blind spot information system (BSI) and the Honda DVD Rear Entertainment System (RES) are designed with families in mind.

“By recognizing today’s smartest cars, Parenting hopes to make it easy for families to use technology on the road, whether it’s for a quick run to the store or for an extended road trip vacation,” said Ana Connery, Editorial Director for The Parenting Group. “Our editors’ top picks have thoughts of everything so that parents don’t have to.”

Benson Honda aims to offer new and used Hondas in San Antonio, TX that make parents and their families feel confident when they get behind the wheel. The dealership’s full inventory of quality, family-friendly Hondas is available online or on-site today.

2012 Honda CR-V Super Bowl Pays Homage to Ferris Bueller

Benson Honda seizes the day with the 2012 Honda CR-V in San Antonio

Honda was a major part of the entertaining Super Bowl advertisements on game day. The automaker’s commercial for the CR-V, starring actor Matthew Broderick, was a tribute to the classic movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and created a lot of buzz for Honda. “The Hangover” director Todd Phillips directed the ad that gave a nod to the 80s classic. Benson Honda, a valued Honda dealership in San Antonio, TX, enjoyed the Honda’s Super Bowl tribute.

The 2012 CR-V’s 185-horsepower DOHC i-VTEC engine has the most horsepower and torque of any CR-V engine. Capable of achieving an outstanding 23 mpg city and 31 mpg highway, the CR-V is also among the most efficient vehicles in its class. Eco Assist is the vehicle’s smart fuel-efficiency enhancement system that helps drivers obtain feedback on their fuel saving habits.

Legendary Honda engineering, efficient design and smooth performance makes the CR-V a fun-to-drive vehicle that allows drivers to accomplish their daily tasks while they enjoy life’s adventures. The CR-V’s Super Bowl ad is a part of the automaker’s “Leap List” campaign that asks people to accomplish their goals and desires before their life passes them by.

The Bueller-inspired ad reminds drivers to stop and enjoy life, or else they might miss it – the true message from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” The 2012 Honda CR-V knows how to turn drab, mundane tasks into joyrides filled with excitement.

Stay updated on the 2012 Honda CR-V with Benson Honda. The dealership’s full inventory of new and used Hondas in San Antonio, TX is available online and on-site today.

Honda to Put $98 Million in Another Ohio Engine Plant

Benson Honda Prepared for More Honda Vehicles in San Antonio

Honda to Build $98 Million Ohio Engine Plant

Honda to Build $98 Million Ohio Engine Plant

Honda recently announced that it would invest $98 million at its most substantial western Ohio auto engine plant in order to produce components for its new transmission technology. Benson Honda, a valued Honda dealership in San Antonio, TX, anticipates the next-generation powertrain technology.

The Anna, OH plant will produce advanced pulley components for Honda’s new continuously variable transmission, or CVT. This new technology is designed with the goal of improving fuel efficiency.

According to Forbes, “Honda is introducing a new engine and transmission family called “Earth Dreams,” all meant to emphasize fuel economy as well as performance. It encompasses everything from gasoline and diesel engines to hybrids and transmissions.”

Honda also invested $120 million for CVT production at the nearby Russells Point plant. According to the automaker, the two combined investments will create 150 new jobs for the area.

“The production of this new CVT technology puts the Buckeye State right in the middle of Honda’s global strategy,” said Hide Iwata, president and CEO of Honda of America Manufacturing Inc.

Currently, the Anna plant employs 2,400 people who produce more than 1.1 million engines annually. The Russells Point plant makes automatic transmissions and 4WD assemblies, and employs 1,050 workers. Overall, Honda has approximately 13,500 employees in Ohio performing manufacturing, support, research and development tasks.

Honda has announced upwards of $500 million in plant investments to increase production in Ohio. CVT technology requires a strong team to build it for the 2013 Accord models coming out this year.

“Our associates have incredible experience and we are counting on them to help us introduce an even higher level of powertrain technology for our customers,” said John Spoltman, manager at the Anna plant.

Stay updated on the new Honda plant in Ohio with Benson Honda. The dealership’s full inventory of new and used Honda vehicles in San Antonio, TX  is available online and on-site today.


2013 Honda Fit EV to Hit Select Markets

Benson Honda Prepares for the All-Electric Honda Fit EV

2013 Honda Fit EV to Hit Select Markets

2013 Honda Fit EV to Hit Select Markets

Honda recently unveiled its 2013 Honda Fit EV at the 2011 L.A. Auto Show and has delivered the first production version of the model. The all-electric vehicle strives to beat out its competition in the electric market. Benson Honda, a premier Honda dealership on San Antonio, TX, looks forward to the 2013 Fit EV’s arrival.

The municipality of Torrance, CA, which is home to Honda’s U.S. headquarters, received the vehicle first. The first Fit EV is part of a test program to get customer feedback before the vehicle’s official launch date this summer.

The Fit EV is an all-electric version of the automaker’s subcompact hatchback with an EPA-estimated combined city/highway range of up to 76 miles, making the Fit the highest rated EV on the market. In the city, Honda expects a maximum electric range of 123 miles.

Powered by a 20 kWh lithium-ion batter and a 92-kilowatt electric motor, the Fit EV is equipped with three driving modes that enhance the vehicle’s driving performance: Econ, Normal and Sport. Each mode is tailored to improve the Fit’s efficiency, functionality and responsiveness.

Using a 240-volt charger, the Fit is expected to reach a full charge in a mere three hours. Honda also reported that the vehicle takes less than 15 hours to charge from a 110-volt household outlet.

The Fit is capable of seating five people even with the added battery. The rear seat bottom is set higher to comfortably fit the battery. Equipped with a variety of meter and information displays, the Fit has been upgraded to give the driver prompt information on the vehicle’s performance. The Fit is also outfitted with an interactive remote that allows drivers to start charging and pre-conditioning the interior from up to 100 feet away.

Reported to launch in certain California and Oregon markets next summer, the Fit EV is highly anticipated vehicle designed to change and improve auto emissions and efficiency. Stay updated on the 2013 Honda Fit EV with Benson Honda. The dealership has a large selection of new and used Hondas in San Antonio, TX.