Honda Plans Expansion in Ohio Plant, More Hondas in San Antonio

Benson Honda San Antonio, TXBenson Honda to see benefits of plant expansion

Benson Honda, a leading Honda dealer in San Antonio, TX is excited to announce Honda of America’s expansion project for its Russells Point Ohio facility. Honda continues to be a brand of continued growth, innovation and production of quality vehicles. Benson Honda will continue to be your number one destination for these vehicles. Honda of America will be making $355 million worth in new investment in its Ohio facilities. According to this recent announcement, an additional $50 million will be invested in the Russells Point facility, a transmission plant.

“This latest investment in Ohio is another example of how we intend to meet the needs of our global customers by implementing advanced technologies in our production operations and in our products,” Honda Transmission president Yuji Takahashi said in a press release. “It also demonstrates our commitment to Honda’s Ohio production operations to reduce the environmental impact of our facilities while positioning this facility to compete at the highest levels on a global basis.”

By 2013, this investment will create an additional 100 jobs at Russells Point. Honda employs approximately 13,000 people in Ohio. The majority of the $50 million investment will be spent on expanding the facility, creating an additional transmission assembly line. The remaining amount will be spent on employee related improvements. Such as, an activity center, lobby and employee entrance. With the investment Honda of America will be improving its environmental impact. “The new melting furnace will implement technologies that will improve efficiencies and reduce our environmental impacts,” plant manager Gary Hand said. “These improved efficiencies will reduce waste and energy consumption.”

Benson Honda, the leading Honda dealer in San Antonio, TX is always pleased to share bright Honda news with you. If you’ve been thinking about a new Honda in San Antonio, come down and see us. We’re waiting!