Big Event Bonus at Benson Honda in San Antonio, Texas

$1,000 bonus available on Hondas

Honda San AntonioThere’s a buzz going on in San Antonio, Texas and it’s all about the Big Event Bonus at Benson Honda. Customers who fill out a form on our website and bring it in can be eligible for the $1,000 Big Event Bonus. Hondas are selling and they’re selling fast. Benson Honda surely has a great Honda just for you.

Now is the greatest time to buy a new Honda. Honda’s production schedule is completely expected to be back on track by the end of summer and dealers are filling up their lots. The Big Event Bonus gives car shoppers an opportunity to, of course, get into a new Honda, lower their monthly payment , trade-in their current vehicle and with that $1,000 bonus possibly keep some more of their own out-of-pocket expense.

The Big Event Bonus really is the time to check out Hondas. Hondas have been receiving award after award lately, especially with the new Civic lineup.

The 2012 Civic sedan received an overall rating of ‘good’ across the board from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety—the highest rating possible. The fuel efficient minded shopper need not only look to hybrids, which Honda has plenty, the fuel efficiency of Honda will impress all.

Honda and Benson Honda want to reward customers and the Big Event Bonus is just the way to do it. We know that Honda is known for reliable and durable vehicles, but we also want our customers to know that Honda appreciates its customers. Whether you’re looking for an SUV or sporty two-door, Benson Honda, the leading new and used Honda dealer in San Antonio, Texas has them all—what’s holding you back from coming to check out a Honda at Benson Honda?

Honda Establishes 2020 CO2 Emissions Reduction Plan

benson honda establishes reduced co2 emissions planGoal plans to reduce CO2 emissions by 30 percent

Honda has put in place the Honda Environmental Vision plan. By reducing emissions across all products, Honda will be setting into action its goal to encourage a sustainable society with mobility and an enjoyable life. Benson Honda, the great new and used Honda dealer in San Antonio, Texas, is once again, proud to partner with a progressive company that is working to keep the environment clean.

In 2006, Honda set out to reduce CO2 emissions by 10 percent in total from motorcycles, automobiles and power products from its year 2000 levels. It achieved that goal in 2010, across the board. Now, setting the goal higher and, to Honda still completely achievable, they intend to reduce emissions 30 percent.

Looking to the future, Honda plans to be the global leader in environmental and energy technologies. This goal and the mission associated with it will follow Honda with all activities Honda is part of, both internally and externally. The goal is found from engineers to dealerships.

Blue Skies for Our Children is a slogan adopted by the innovative Honda engineers to remind them that the work they do every day will affect tomorrow’s children and beyond. It’s a strong commitment from the people responsible in creating how Hondas function—looking upon hard work as a welcomed task.

Honda has designed a new graphic to accompany the emissions reductions plan, too.

Benson Honda, the leading Honda dealer in San Antonio, Texas knows the value of hard work, we’re built on it—and proud of it, too. Benson Honda has all the new Hondas that are selling like crazy and a great selection of used Hondas. We have qualified, professional staff who can answer your questions, or just help you with a test drive. Stop out today!

One Million Miles in a Honda

tom benson honda million mile hondaOwner puts on the miles, year after year

While an average driver puts on just 14,000 miles per year, Joe from Norway, Maine can do that in three months. Joe has been driving the same 1990 Honda Accord for the past 15 years, racking up the miles as he approaches the one million mile mark in the fall. Fans of the Honda brand Facebook page can keep an eye on his progress. Benson Honda, the leading Honda dealer in San Antonio, Texas, will be following his story since we’re extremely excited about Hondas and all too familiar with their reliability.

Joe’s not alone in his journey. Honda began keeping track of other Honda owners who reached the one million mile mark and documented in the million mile journey showcasing the reliability of Hondas. The Accord, Joe’s trusty Honda model of choice, was recently named Best Resale Value in its class by Kelley Blue Book. "Joe's journey is a testament to his Honda's reliability and how people have come to count on Honda for more than 50 years to get them to where they need to go," said Tom Peyton, Honda brand manager for American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Joe has been documenting his personal journey to the million mile club with over 660 odometer photographs of his 62,500 miles per year. The residents of the small town of Norway are all too familiar with Joe’s mission to a million, and are encouraging him along the way. Honda has resumed production schedules following Japan’s tragedy and sales have been increasing at incredible rates. Benson Honda, the premiere used and new Honda dealer in San Antonio, Texas has a reliable and durable Honda waiting for you. We have knowledgeable, friendly and relaxed sales professionals who can help you with a test drive. Stop out today and pick out your million mile Honda!

Honda Production Back on Track for Fit and Insight

benson honda production insight fitAfter Japan’s March tragedy production rates look up

Honda dealers were given the green light from Honda Motors Co. to resume ordering the Honda Fit and Insight after months of delayed production. Honda and Benson Honda, the leading Honda dealer in San Antonio, Texas are proud to announce this news. Benson Honda knows the demand for fuel efficient vehicles continues to rise, and to answer that call Honda will be able to keep up with demand with its lineup of fuel efficient models.

Throughout the recovery in Japan, Honda worked side-by-side with Japan on relief efforts. Honda wanted to ensure that facility employees and beyond we cared for and not ignored. While Honda worked on getting back on track, the popular Fit and Insight production had to be temporarily stopped. Now, that the facility is able to produce the parts again, it’s game on for dealers to keep these cars on the lot for all those fuel conscious individuals.

It is of little surprise that fuel efficient vehicles are on the minds of the majority of car shoppers today. Honda Motors Co. works hard to keep the Honda brand known for the vehicle that keeps you on the road longer—both in reliability, durability and fuel efficiency. The Honda Fit and Insight are two Honda models that are leading the way in fuel efficiency. The Fit gets an astounding 28 MPG city and 35 MPG highway. The Fit is equipped with EcoAssist. Ecoboost and Eco scoring are two effective fuel saving systems in the Insight that give the driver feedback in regards to fuel use.

Honda Motor Co.’s announcement for part production was ahead of schedule and at Benson Honda, we couldn’t be happier—and we have to say it’s right up Honda’s ally to meet a goal ahead of time. If you’re looking for a fuel efficient vehicle, like the Honda Fit or Honda Insight, stop out at Benson Honda, we have the best selection of new and used Hondas in San Antonio, Texas.

2012 Honda Civic Sedan Earns IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK

IIHS top safety pick honda civic benson hondaIIHS awards Honda Civic and Benson Honda has them

Safety standards have been raised this year for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and the Honda Civic sedan has passed with flying colors. The Honda Civic sedan earned an overall rating of GOOD, the highest possible rating, across the board. Benson Honda, the premiere Honda dealer in San Antonio, Texas, puts customer safety first and we are proud of Honda’s IIHS award.

The IIHS’ stronger testing standards come at a time when technology is advancing at lightning speeds and those advancements are being seen in new vehicles. Since its release in April, this generation of the Honda Civic breaking records with sales and continues to stay in the headlines.

The IIHS testing looks for the following ways vehicles protect occupants:

  • Standard electronic stability control system.
  • Best protection against front, rear and side impact crashes in addition to rollover crash performance.

The Honda Civic sedan met these requirements in the following ways:

  • Advanced Compatibility Engineering body structure: Innovative engineering built into the Honda Civic has given it the ability to take a front end crash and distribute the crash’s energy more evenly, thus impacting the Civic’s occupants less.
  • Airbags: Standard airbags include, side curtain, dual stage, multiple threshold front airbags, driver and passenger front side and a detection system for passenger detection.
  • Vehicle Stability Assist with traction control: This standard feature works with the electronic power steering.

The 2012 Honda Civic sedans are the most fuel efficient vehicles in its class, too. The i-VTEC engine 4-cylinder engine doesn’t disappoint any driver and don’t forget about the hybrid models, too.

Benson Honda, the leading new and used car dealer in San Antonio, Texas knows Hondas and the safe, reliable ride they offer. When you’re ready to check out the 2012 Honda Civic, or any Honda, just stop out and we’ll help you!